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Seek Optimal Health, P.C. was established as an integrative osteopathic medical practice in 2014.

Our approach is focused on finding and supporting the health already present, while removing the obstacles to full expression of health in our patients, rather than focusing on disease.

In our ongoing development, we have had the privilege of learning from osteopathic mentors providing various therapeutic interventions, while also always holding reverence for the wisdom of nature, the mystery of the human spirit, and the power of connection.

In addition to osteopathic manual treatments, our core specialty, we use many other adjunctive therapies. Our mission is that before execution of each therapeutic decision, we ask the question:“Does this support the health already within this patient?” 

Victor Nuño, DO Seek Optimal Health

Victor Nuño, D.O.

Founder, CEO

Dr. Nuño is a 2008 graduate of Touro University California – College of Osteopathic Medicine (TUCCOM) where he received honors as the “Outstanding Student in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine.

Dr. Nuño completed his residency in Neuromusculoskeletal and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (NMM/OMM) in Southampton, NY in 2012. He accepted a faculty position at his alma mater, TUC-COM, in the OMM department starting in 2013. Along with his main teaching role at the university, he teaches clinical homeopathy through the Center for the Education and Development of Homeopathy (CEDH).

In addition to his role as CEO, Dr. Nuño also sees patients for osteopathic manipulation and integrative medicine at Seek Optimal Health, PC.

Dr. Nuño is Board Certification in both NMM/OMM and Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Nuño's practice interests include nutritional counseling and customized supplementation, clinical homeopathy, ecologic medicine, bioidentical hormone replacement, alternative lightwire functional (ALF) appliance, and oral heavy metal chelation.

As the son of a U.S. airforce officer, Dr. Nuño lived in many different countries growing up (including Spain, Mexico, and Panama) before his family settled in the Monterey Bay area. He is fluent in Spanish.

Lee Ann Cuny, DO Seek Optimal Health

Lee Ann Cuny, D.O.

Founder, Vice President, Osteopathic Physician

Dr. Cuny is originally from the suburbs of Chicago. She completed her osteopathic medical degree at Midwestern University – Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine (MWU-CCOM) in 2008.

Dr. Cuny completed her residency training in Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine (ONMM) at Southampton Hospital in Southampton, New York.

She currently maintains Board Certifications in both Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Cuny has done coursework in clinical homeopathy, bioidentical hormone replacement, use of the alternative lightwire functional (ALF) dental appliance, use of lasers to gently release fascial restrictions, nutritional optimization, and detoxification support, and uses these modalities as adjuncts to osteopathic manipulation.

In addition to seeing patients at Seek Optimal Health, Dr. Cuny previously worked part-time teaching osteopathic medical students at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine from 2012 to 2018. Wanting to devote more of her time to developing her clinical practice, she transitioned to adjunct professorship in 2019.

When she is not working, Dr. Cuny enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, knitting, working in the garden, and spending time in nature.


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