"I brought my newborn to see Dr. Lee Ann Cuny after a somewhat traumatic delivery. She really listened to my concerns, had a gentle touch with him and gave me advice about both our health beyond what I went in looking for. I could see a difference in his alignment and breastfeeding latch after his treatment. Thank you!"

- Megan P.
Vallejo, CA

"I have brought my now 16-month old to see both Dr. Cuny, and Dr. Nuño for a couple of months. Both doctor's have been so patient, kind, creative, and effective in treating him. He's a very active toddler and was not very receptive to being worked on, but both doctor's have met us where we are and found ways to treat him. Not only are they good doctors, but they're incredibly warm and caring people. Thank you, Dr.'s Cuny and Nuño!"

- Grace C.
Vallejo, CA

"Dr. Victor Nuno and Dr. Lee Ann Cuny are both great osteopaths! With their help I found a way to manage my jaw pain, anxiety and sleep issues through integrative methods, such as osteopathic treatment and nutritional supplementation. I recommend this practice to anyone who is suffering a nonspecific symptom, like fatigue, headache, back pain, sleep issues, etc. Your body might have some imbalance in neurotransmitters, hormones, or even micronutrients that can affect your overall health."

- Hiroe H.
Alameda, CA

"Dr. Cuny is the best doctor! My sleeping has improved tremendously! My sciatic nerve feels so much better after treatment. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Cuny! She really cares about your health! She's the best doctor I've ever had!"

- Lisa B.
Fairfield, CA

"Dr. Nuno is awesome! I started seeing him a few months ago for chronic neck, shoulder and headache pain caused by my jaw clenching and TMD. I have been suffering with this miserably on and off for 7 years. After my very first session, I felt immediate relief! I couldn't believe it! I have not woken up with a headache since seeing him!! In addition to helping my body function properly and effectively, he also was able to suggest a natural anti-inflammatory in lieu of all the motrin I was having to take for the discomfort. I have only had to take a total of 4 motrin in 10 weeks. His treatments are amazing and I promise...NOT too good to be true!!! Dr. Nuno is so patient, kind, understanding and knowledgeable. He is sympathetic to the years of discomfort I have suffered. He is incredibly passionate about helping patients to be their best and optimal functioning selves. I tried everything before finding Dr. Nuno and this is by far the longest I have had relief. I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone. Thank you, thank you Dr. Nuno!! "

- ML M.
Danville, CA

"I have visited Dr. Lee Ann Cuny three times for various symptoms as a result of having a hard cast on my foot for 12 weeks. My right side didn't seem to match my left side. The treatments have really helped. As an aside I was battling acid reflux and that was fixed the very first time I saw her. So much better than chiropractic. I recommend this practice to all of my friends. Oh and they offer acupuncture too. My friend has had great success."

- Chris D.
Vallejo, CA

"Dr. Victor Nuno is the absolute best doctor!! If you ranked your health on a scale of 0-10, most doctors care about getting you to from negative numbers to 0; Dr. Nuno is the only doctor I've met who cares about helping you optimize your health and get it to a 10. He has helped me on a long journey through injuries (with osteopathic manipulation), food allergies and adrenal fatigue. I am in the best health of my life thanks to him. Dr. Nuno makes time for you and really listens, is available when you need him and really truly cares about your health. I couldn't recommend him more highly."

- Katherine K.
Venice, CA

"Dr. Lee Ann Cuny is an astounding osteopathic physician. I went to Seek Optimal Health's free clinic because I was experiencing pain on the left side of my jaw, something I had never experienced before. I was not able to fully open my mouth and my entire left face was swollen. Dr. Cuny truly took her time with me and had many different techniques to use for such an odd, uncommon case. She thought outside of the box with what could be going on and by the end of the visit had greatly reduced my pain. I was able to open my mouth significantly more and by the next day I was completely better."

- Nicole H.
Santa Clarita, CA

"I equate Dr. Nuno to a super action hero because twice in my life I have experienced injuries that left me in debilitating pain, and both times Dr. Nuno swooped in and was able to alleviate the excruciating pain in one visit, and have me completely well in about 3 visits. He is literally AMAZING!  I feel honored to know him, and grateful beyond any words that I can express!  I trust him completely. He is EXTREMELY knowledgeable in all aspects of medicine, and he always listens with interest, concern, and compassion. He is completely professional, and just really makes me feel at ease every time I see him. If you have a chance to allow Dr. Nuno to adjust you it will change your health forever, and it will improve the quality of your life! I have never written a review like this about a doctor, but I felt compelled to share my experience because having someone work on your body is so personal. Dr. Nuno is one of those people that was meant to become a doctor because he is a true healer!"

- Anna G.
Vallejo, CA

"All the men in my family have a history of back problems.  I grew up watching my father suffer terribly.  My back pain started in my twenties, and has continued throughout my life.  I am now 50 years old.  Recently, I had such sudden, severe back spams that I could not move without screaming in pain, and was taken to the hospital via ambulance where I required intravenous morphine and a combination of muscle relaxers to stop the spasms.  I was truly frightened by this episode and determined to find a solution other than prescription drugs for my back pain.  Well, I found the solution, and his name is Dr. Victor Nuno!  After my very first adjustment I felt so much better, not only physically but mentally.  Dr. Nuno is so knowledgeable, and I left knowing that I had a partner in dealing with this pain, and that I could relax knowing that my body could heal, and that my back issues were not going to haunt me throughout my life the way they did my father.  Treating with Dr. Nuno has changed my life and my health!"

- Dale C.
Vallejo, CA